April 14, 2016

Tips for Choosing Exterior Shades

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Exterior shades keep too much sun from entering your home, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and muting the natural light to keep it from becoming too dazzling. These benefits offer you a more comfortable interior while helping you save money on energy costs. When you want to install exterior window shades, consider these tips for choosing the right ones.

The Amount of Light

Think about how much light you want to let through your exterior shades, which might differ room by room. For instance, you might want a bright kitchen while desiring a darker, cooler living room and master bedroom. Toward this end, you can choose different shade fabrics that fit your preference.

Manual or Motorized Versions

Another consideration is whether you want to manually open and close your outdoor shades. The other choice is to pick motorized options that easily lift and lower themselves when you want more or less sunshine. Motorized options can even be customized with a remote control or set up with automated systems in your home. You could even choose the superior option of a sun sensor that automatically raises and lowers the shade based on the sun’s rays.

Decor Choices

The hardware of outdoor shades comes in different colors, giving you the ability to pick the one that best fits your home’s color scheme and your decorating style. Fabric can also be added in a range of hues to fit the color scheme of your home’s exterior and to change the look from the inside. For instance, you could make a room look brighter with white shades or create a warmer, cozier style with bronze shades.


For exterior shades that give you the indoor comfort and cost savings you want, as well as provide lasting strength, compare the quality of different sun shade brands. Shades like the ones Hartley Window Coverings offers provide high-end, superior strength, function and durability compared to ones you would find through mass merchandisers.

Adding a Zipper

Another tip is to think about adding a Zipper Track to your window shades. This addition gives you the benefit of preventing holes that bugs could get through, while also containing wind. Zipper Track Shade Systems also close gaps where heat would come into the house.

Consider these tips when choosing the sun shades to make your home more stylish and comfortable. With exterior shades, you’ll gain cost savings and cooler spaces that improve your life.

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