May 23, 2017

Plantation Shutter Design Trends

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Plantation shutters bring your Northern California home an air of sophistication that can evoke a vintage look, a beach cottage atmosphere, a plantation mansion feel or a style that is uniquely yours. Generously louvered (with 2.5 to 4.5 inch louvers) plantation shutters bring a bespoke, custom look to your home’s windows and glass doors. The plantation style lets in more light than any other shutter design. Depending upon the material, color and style you select, your interior or exterior plantation shutters add rich detail and texture to “finish” your room interiors beautifully—and also enhance your home’s outdoor curb appeal.

Home Improvement with Plantation Shutters

Shutters are more than a mere window treatment; they’re more like fine furniture for your windows. Shutters will typically increase the value of your home (or business), in a way that other window coverings or embellishments cannot. That’s because shutters a little more substantial, structural and stylish than other window treatments. Make the most of your home investment by selecting well crafted, top of the line shutters that will enhance your house for decades to come.

The Practical Beauty of Plantation Shutters

Sturdy and attractive, shutters also serve practical functions, allowing you control the view, as well as the level of light and heat coming into your room. Of course your plantation shutters also give you privacy options and offer window protection.

Latest Trends in Plantation Shutters

White shutters: Plantation shutters in white perhaps most faithfully evoke the true “southern plantation home” look that they are named for. If your home has tall windows, French doors and columns, it was made for white plantation shutters. White shutters can also blend with and enhance a variety of home styles.

Natural wood plantation shutters: Wood shutters will never go out of style. Natural wood, in the shade and species you prefer can add a element to your home. Or you can select a durable, easy-care engineered wood or veneer to mimic your favorite wood.

Plantation shutters in modern, minimalist homes: Shutters can be quaint, but they also have their place in a modern, minimalist style home, especially in white, or as part of a tone-on-tone color scheme.

Neon bright plantation shutters: Many homes add a bright, eye-catching element by choosing a bright red, yellow or blue front door. In some homes, these bright accents are spicing up plantation shutters, too.

Motorized plantation style shutters: Home automation is hot (and convenient). Motorized, remote-control shutters can become part of the Internet of Things trend that’s here to stay. We offer top of the line Norman motorized shutters so you can adjust your shutters remotely.

Safe and sustainably manufactured shutters: We feature shutters made from VOC-free and recycled materials to protect your health and the environment. We also offer FSC-Certified Wood shutters (green certification issued by the Forest Stewardship Council indicating wood was sustainably sourced/harvested). We also offer antibacterial coatings to cut down on allergen exposure in the home.

Custom designed and handcrafted plantation shutters: Shutters should look like an integral part of your home, perfectly fit and seamlessly fused with the rest of your home’s character

Skylight shutters: More homes have skylights these days, so shuttering them for convenience and versatility makes great sense.

Sunroom shutters: When your whole room is windows, shutters make a dramatic difference in the look from outside, the view from inside and the options you enjoy, to let in or block out sunlight. Plantation shutters make your sunroom more beautiful, versatile and useful.

Professional installation Protects Your Investment in Plantation Shutters

Since shutters are much more than décor or window treatments, but actually become part of your home’s structure–stellar craftsmanship is crucial. Working with a skilled professional ensures that you have access to all the design options to create the unique look that you want. It also means expert installation, so that your shutters have the staying power, beauty and dependable function to last and enhance your home for decades to come.

Northern California Homeowners Trust Hartley Window Coverings

When you’re considering the latest designs in plantation shutters for your Norcal home, call on the experts at Hartley Window Coverings. We’re here to help you sort through your options for plantation shutters and provide flawless installation so that your shutters bring practical beauty and unique character to your home throughout the coming decades. We offer plantation shutters from the best, most respected brands in the business: Hunter Douglas and Norman. Contact Hartley Window Coverings by submitting our website contact form or call us at (707) 525-8256 today!

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