August 17, 2018

Benefits of Motorized Window Coverings on Your Home Security

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Often overlooked and underutilized, motorized window coverings could be an excellent addition to your Northern California home. They provide outstanding security benefits and other features you’ll want to take full advantage of. Consider everything motorized window coverings have to offer.

How Motorized Blinds and Shutters Improve Home Security

Burglars are known to scout out potential houses before they attempt to break in. They look for signs that you’re not at home, or better yet, that you’re on an extended vacation. One sign they’re bound to notice is that your blinds remain closed 24 hours a day. This is preferable to leaving your blinds open, but your good intentions could backfire and announce your absence.

Fortunately, motorized blinds and shutters provide a better option. With this low-key security solution, you can program your window coverings to open and close at random intervals during the day, making it appear as though someone is home. Combine this with light timers, and any burglar scoping out your home will instantly eliminate it as a possibility.

In addition to preventing burglaries, motorized window coverings serve the simple benefit of keeping prying eyes out. You can program them to automatically close as the sun sets, ensuring your windows are always covered at night.

Other Benefits of Motorized Blinds and Shutters

Consider the additional ways motorized window coverings benefit you beyond improving home security:

  • Lower cooling bills: Solar sensors determine the amount of sun shining into a room. By twisting the louvers automatically as the sun moves across the sky, you can precisely control natural light and minimize heat gain.
  • Protection for your furnishings: Direct sunlight fades upholstery and carpeting. The same solar sensors that lower your cooling bills also help protect these furnishings from UV rays.
  • Improved safety: Wireless functionality means your blinds have no cords hanging down. This keeps children and pets safe while playing around the windows.
  • Hassle-free operation: Presets and remote controls allow you to manage your motorized window coverings without leaving your warm bed or comfortable spot on the couch.
  • Flexibility for hard-to-reach windows: Effortlessly open and close the blinds covering high-up windows without unsightly, difficult-to-maneuver cords.

How Motorized Blinds and Shutters Work

Motorized window coverings raise and lower, rotate, and move from side to side as desired with the touch of a button. Depending on the type of system you install, you can control motorized blinds and shutters automatically with timers and sun sensors or make manual adjustments with a wall control, remote, or Smartphone. Your power options include hardwiring, solar power, batteries (DC power), and AC motors. Wireless transmitters allow for easy integration with home automation systems for maximum security, convenience, and energy savings.

Rolling Shutters: The Ultimate in Window Protection

Looking for even more protection for your windows? Security rolling shutters are an outstanding way to protect your home from unwanted break-ins, vandalism, forced entry, and theft. Windows are harder to secure from break-ins than doors, which can be fortified. Windows are easily broken, allowing a thief to enter your home in seconds. Secure rolling shutter systems provide a tough barrier that can deter thieves and protect your home and family, offering the ultimate in security when you are away from home.

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