July 30, 2015

Exterior Window Covering Options

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With so many benefits and options, exterior window treatments are no longer a luxury item, but an essential addition to the design of your home. What has made exterior window coverings a sought-after element for residential and commercial properties are the many kinds of treatments now available, such as:

  • Exterior Shades
  • Awnings
  • Rolling Security Shutters
  • Skylight Shades

Benefits of Solar Shades

  • Allows light in while maintaining privacy
  • Reduces glare (important for office productivity and comfort)
  • Motorization options available for ease of use
  • UV resistant fabrics
  • Reduces overall energy costs
  • Made from durable materials for long-term use to realize investment costs
  • Adds to LEED certification points for green construction
  • Manual options available


More and more, our clients are seeking to extend the designs they’ve created for the rooms in their homes to their outdoor living spaces. This has led many to contact us to install one of the many sophisticated yet durable shade solutions produced by the custom awning manufacturers we partner with, including ABC Sun Control and STOBAG.

Whether you are looking for retractable or stationary canopies, vertical shades, or aluminum awnings, these custom awning systems come in many elegant, beautiful, and functional styles to create cool, comfortable outdoor spaces that protect you and your family or your guests from the elements.

Rolling Security Shutters

Rolling shutters are an excellent choice for exterior window coverings of homes or businesses where the climate experiences sustained and sometimes high winds during a typical year, such as in Northern California’s coastal areas. This is because most rolling shutters are tested to resist winds of up to 150 mph. Wind resistance is not the only benefit to installing rolling shutters. These products also:


  • Security for Your Home and Office
  • Sound Insulating
  • Energy Savings
  • Solar Protection
  • Thermal Comfort

Skylight Shades

Nothing illuminates a room better than natural light. Skylights and clear-roofed sun rooms, pergolas, and conservatories offer a wonderful way to bring the outdoor world in, except when you don’t want it. At some points in the day you want to be able to prevent sunlight from streaming in, particularly when it is shining directly through your home’s skylight or the tempered glass ceiling over your sun room. Adding an exterior skylight cover or shade like the products made by STOBAG offers just the right touch of beauty in form while providing superior functionality and ease of use.

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