June 20, 2016

Clever Ways to Define an Outdoor Room Using Exterior Shades

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An outdoor living room is the perfect way to extend your space and get the most use out of your yard year round. Exterior shades allow you to easily partition your space to create a homey feel in the exterior living room and make the space distinct from other zones in your yard. Gain inspiration with our roundup of clever ways to define your outdoor room with exterior shades.

Screen Off a Pergola

If you already have a pergola in the yard, you can use it as the basis of your exterior living room. You already have the defined floor space and overhead coverage – maybe even a few trellised plants to add visual interest.

Installing a zipper shade allows you to lower the shades as you wish to separate the space. With the shades down, you increase privacy in the pergola, increase shade exposure, and keep away the bugs. With the shades up, you get the best of the breeze, increased light exposure, and an open view of your yard.

Screen Your Patio or Porch

If you have a small lot, your existing patio or porch can double as an outdoor living room.

Shades are a must to turn these traditionally open spaces into private spaces where you can relax out of sight of your neighbors. Shades also block UV rays, which can fade patio furniture and cause sun damage. Outdoor shades block the sun but allow you a clear view out, while roller and printed shades give more privacy.

Hang a Privacy Partition for the Best of Both Worlds

If you want to create a hybrid space, where part of your living room is open and part is screened off, vertical screens work well for this purpose. You can hang one vertical screen to divide the space between open and enclosed. This works well if you have a heavily-trafficked zone, such as outdoor kitchen or grill area, yet also want a private place to come together.

You might try a shutter or heavy cloth sail to create a firm partition in the space. For something more open and airy, an outdoor drape can be moved at will, as can a track shade.

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