August 4, 2022

A Guide To Battery Powered Window Shades

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A Guide To Battery Powered Window Shades

Hardwired window shades are a great option for homeowners who don’t mind opening their walls or remodeling. Not only do they look great (with no cords!) but never run out of power and seldom need to be replaced. Of course, for many people, dismantling their windows and walls to install a hardwired window treatment isn’t an option, causing many to wonder if they can install motorized shades at all. 

Fortunately, hard-wired shades aren’t the only way to power motorized shades. In fact, battery powered window shades offer the same level of convenience, functionality, style options, and more. In this short blog, read about the benefits of battery powered window shades, and find out when and where they might be a good option in your home.

The Benefits of Battery Powered Shades

Battery-powered shades offer many of the same benefits as hardwired shades, plus a few others. Since they can easily be controlled with a remote control or a smart device, they’re a convenient option for those with limited mobility, or for those who value security, as they can be controlled even when you’re not at home. Because they’ll go up or down as far as you need them to, they work perfectly for hard to reach areas—like windows in kitchens, bedrooms, and offices. Since the battery is hidden in the rail, battery powered shades look just as good as wired shades, and are ideal for areas where wiring is a challenge. Finally, because they can be installed without an electrician, battery powered shades are a budget-friendly option, as well. 

When To Choose Battery Powered Motorized Shades

Battery powered window treatments are great choices for shading many areas throughout the home, as well as in a few specific use cases. Consider installing battery powered motorized shades in the following scenarios: 

  • Battery powered window shades are great for large windows, since they'll open and close without you physically getting to them.
  • Similarly, they're perfect for skylights and casement windows as well particularly if they’re behind furniture or cabinetry.
  • Nothing beats not having to get up to adjust the light coming in from outside your bedroom. And what better way to do it than with battery powered blackout shades?
  • Honeycomb shades are a versatile solution for anyone who values energy-efficiency, but their pleated construction does make them difficult to manually adjust. With battery powered cellular shades, you can have your shades adjust themselves, so you’ll never have to worry about damaging them.
  • Want shutters in your bathroom, but don’t want to fuss with adjusting them once you’re in the tub? With battery powered motorized shutters, you can do exactly that!
  • Finally, if you’re installing manual shades in all of your rooms, but want motorized control in hard to reach areas, battery powered shades are a great option.

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At Hartley Window Coverings, we’re proud to offer a wide-variety of battery powered shades from Lutron, Somfy, and Hunter Douglas—with an endless assortment of shade styles to choose from. Whether you want battery powered roller shades for your hard to reach bedroom windows, or Lutron battery powered roller shades for limitless shade control, we have the solution for you!

Contact our team today to learn about our battery powered shading products or to schedule a consultation with one of our design-consultants! We can’t wait to help you discover all the ways our shades can accommodate you and your lifestyle!

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