May 13, 2022

4 Exterior Shade Solutions to Beat The Summer Heat

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As the days get longer and the temperatures get higher – many California homeowners are giddy with anticipation for summertime to finally begin. Of course, while many people look forward to endless sunshine and warm weather, others often find themselves struggling to keep their homes or outdoor spaces cool. If that someone is you, don’t worry, there are many different types of exterior shade solutions designed to shade your home and keep you comfortable. In this short post, we’ll cover four of them. 

So whether you want to shade a patio or completely block out the summer sun, keep reading to find out what exterior shading products are right for you! 

Solar Screen Shades

Exterior Solar Screen Shades in California

Exterior solar screen shades are retractable outdoor coverings that offer outstanding sun and light blocking benefits. Made out of tightly-woven fabric that’s been coated to withstand and block heat, solar screens not only reduce solar heat gain—conserving energy—but also block harmful UV rays which could otherwise damage your patio furniture or upholstery. But the benefits don’t end there! Depending on the openness of the weave—which determines the degree of light that enters—your solar screens can double as privacy screens (preventing would-be snoopers from seeing you from outside your home). They can also significantly reduce glare for distraction-free television viewing and shield your home or patio from unwanted outdoor rodents or pests. All told, this makes them an incredibly versatile way to shade your home, patio, or other outdoor living space year-round.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings

Imagine a world where you enjoy your patio and beat the summer heat, all without sacrificing the view. With retractable awnings, you can! Retractable awnings are an effective and incredibly attractive way to shade any outdoor space, from patios and porches to jacuzzis and pools! Made from waterproof fabrics that provide all-day shade, awnings are supplemental covers that can attach to a wall and retract horizontally. This allows you to keep cool underneath your awning, while maintaining the view of the space around it—perfect for making the most of a patio with a view. 

Easy to open and close—both with a hand-crank or with motorization, so that they easily retract with the touch of a button, retractable awnings are a convenient way to shade an outdoor space from the sun up above. They’re also incredibly customizable, and are great for homeowners who want something that complements their home’s aesthetic, or that complies with their HOA’s guidelines. At Hartley Window Coverings, we provide a wide variety of retractable awnings, with a plethora of colors, fabrics, and styles to choose, so that you can find the perfect look for your home. 

Exterior Rolling Shutters

Black Exterior Rolling Shutters

As far as window treatments go, rolling shutters are one of the best ways to provide maximum security, shade, and comfort—especially in the summer. Exterior Rolling Shutters, not to be confused with interior shutters, are hinged, horizontal panels made of aluminum that can be fixed outside a window or door, and that easily slide up and down via tracks on either end. When closed, the horizontal slats hinge together, providing absolute sun-blocking protection and privacy, as well shelter from debris, and security from intruders. In fact, rolling shutters are so impervious, they can reduce outside noise by as much as 80%. And, by providing absolute shade, significantly cut down on the energy required to cool your home—lowering your energy bill in the process. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of rolling shutters is their ability to provide complete and absolute light-control. With rolling shutters, you can darken a room by as much as 99%—significantly more than blinds and blackout curtains. What’s more, since rolling shutters can be motorized and controlled with a remote control or your smartphone, they can easily be raised or lowered when at a moment's notice. Whether it’s to protect your home from an impending storm, heatwave, or burglar, exterior rolling shutters are one of the most effective and convenient ways to do it. 

Skylight Shades

Skylight Shades

Do you own a skylight, glass roof, outdoor conservatory or terrace? Looking for a convenient way to shade it from the outside, while retaining the inside view? Skylight shades are “cassette box” style shades that can be mounted on track brackets and installed directly overhead a skylight or terrace. With self-supporting guide rails and integrated lateral gas pistons and cables, they can quickly and quietly open and close with the touch of a button, while never sagging or obstructing the view. The results: quick and efficient overhead shade that blocks out excessive heat and glare, while allowing some degree of light to enter. This means you’ll have enough brightness to see from light entering via the skylight without suffering from the heat that enters from above.

Moreover, skylight covers are easy to install and can be customized to fit nearly any size or shape of skylight, whether you need a vertical or horizontal installation, or one that’s inverted. They can also come in a plethora of both acrylic or coated fabrics—so you can beat the heat and keep out rain or debris. You can talk to a Hartley design consultant to learn more about your options.

Get Your Exterior Shade Solutions From Hartley Window Coverings

Interested in purchasing or learning more about these excellent exterior shading solutions? Hartley Window Coverings can help! We happily provide all the aforementioned exterior shading products for North Bay, California homeowners and would love to work with you! Whether you want a single awning or skylight shade for your patio or terrace, or rolling shutters or sun shades for every room in your home, we can help you select, configure, and install all these exterior shade solutions to your exact preferences.

If you’re looking ready to beat the heat this summer, contact Hartley Window Coverings today!

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