February 10, 2020

3 Benefits of Light-Filtering Shades in Homes

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Why We Love Light-Filtering Shades

When it comes to the many benefits of light-filtering shades, we could probably create an endless list. However, we have narrowed down our favorite things to explain why these shades are a must-have for homes. Read to discover our top three benefits of light-filtering shades below!

Benefit 1: Increased Energy Efficiency

When it comes to the top three benefits of light-filtering shades, one of the top benefits is the ability to reduce your home’s energy use and, over time, your energy bills. For example, our Duette® Honeycomb Shades are constructed with a cellular design that keeps hot and cold air from escaping through your windows to create natural insulation and a comfortable temperature all year long. This will reduce your need to run to the thermostat and, in turn, reduce your energy bills. These gorgeous shades also come in a variety of light filtering, room darkening, and blackout opacities to help you achieve your perfect levels of light, privacy, and shade.

Benefit 2: UV Protection

Did you know that constant sun exposure can damage your carpeting, hardwood furnishings, upholstery, and other interior decor items? Talk about a yikes moment! However, one of the top three benefits of light-filtering shades is their ability to block UV rays while filling your home with soft, gorgeous light. For example, our Designer Screen Shades provide custom light control options, outdoor views, and unparalleled UV protection even on the brightest of days. In fact, Designer Screen Shades block approximately 86% to 99% percent of the sun’s damaging rays. This will keep your furniture, artwork, and flooring looking beautiful for years to come while your home is filled with soft light.

Benefit 3: Soft Lighting All Day Long

Of course, one of the top three benefits of light-filtering shades is their ability to transform bright, harsh sunlight into a gorgeous glow throughout your entire home. In fact, our Silhouette® Window Shading is coined as the leader in light transformation. This is thanks to the gorgeous Signature S-Vane™ of the shades that appear to be magically floating in between two sheers and effortlessly diffuse harsh sunlight to not only provide soft lighting but also reduce glare. Plus, these shades are incredibly easy to operate! All you have to do is tilt the vanes to achieve your perfect levels of privacy and light. No more battling with your blinds to achieve your lighting, shade, and privacy goals. Talk about a win-win!


When it comes to finding the perfect shade for your home, we cannot recommend light-filtering shades enough. With so many benefits and styles, you are sure to love your new light-filtering shades. To learn more about the many benefits of light-filtering shades, be sure to call Hartley Window Coverings today!

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