We are the leading distributor of motorized systems in Northern California, offering the most innovative motorized window blind and shade technology in the industry. We install motorized or remote control shades from manufacturers that offer beauty, luxury, and quality of fabric shades with the ease and control of automation. With the touch of a button you have full control of your home or business’ window treatments. Our systems can be integrated into full automation systems.

We’ll walk you through the various options for systems that can raise and lower window treatments and adjust the slats, vanes, and louvers, or others that can move the window coverings from side to side, rotating the vanes and louvers.

Use of:

  • Smart phone or tablet
  • Timers
  • Wind and sun sensors
  • Wall controls
  • Remotes

Power Options


Considered to be the most reliable method of motorizing window coverings, where the only thing hardwired is the power. Communications is 100% wireless. You will never have to change batteries because the window covering will always have constant electrical currents powering the treatments.  Most window shading systems offer motors to support either AC Electric (household line voltage) and DC electric (battery operated.) Keep in mind that DC provides less power and requires a power supply such as a battery.  The size and weight of your window treatments will determine whether you can power your blinds and shades with DC.

AC Power

  • Years of extreme reliability with few to no motor failure
  • Stronger motors that can lift enormous window shades, awnings, and rolling security shutters with ease
  • No additional power supplies are needed as they can be plugged directly into household plugs or hardwired


  • Electrical wiring must be pre-planned. AC motors hook directly into line voltage and they can be difficult to disguise.
  • Due to the size, the narrowest width available for most shades is just under 30″, which can be problematic in homes that have narrow windows.
  • The overall size of the head box can present a challenge in tight applications.

Battery (DC) Power

  • Quiet, reliable and powerful
  • Ease and simplicity of running wire
  • Low voltage motor wire that can be easily disguised
  • The minimum size for DC motors can now be under 16″ wide
  • New reports showing low voltage motors lifting window shades created more than 12′ wide and tall



The latest generation of intelligent motors and controls. These components are integrated into a cost effective system designed to operate a wide range of products.

  • An excellent example of a complete hardwired system
  • Commonly used in commercial applications due to its ability to control thousands of window treatments with extreme reliability

Radio Technology Features

Somfy’s exclusive control platform which enables users to operate motorized interior and exterior window coverings wirelessly.

  • Most popular and widely used operating system by Somfy
  • Hardwired for power (AC or DC) or batteries for their smallest model.
  • Easy added tp rim pm the SDN system
  • Popular for all applications
  • Wireless communication
  • Integrates with automation systems
  • Incredible range with all transmitters including sun sensors, timers, wall switches, remote controls, and wind sensors
  • Ease of use
  • Quiet motors
  • Conceals batteries and offers long battery life
  • Offers user friendly wireless remote that stores nicely in convenient wall plates


This is why:

You must speak to an electrician about the wiring of your shades.  And we will take care of the rest, so don’t stress the small details.  Our knowledgeable installers know what to do during the process and can explain any questions you may have.

Automation and Communication Systems

All of our products can speak to home automation systems.  Communication refers to the devices used to “speak” to your window treatment.  We encourage you to involve us with your window covering needs as early on in the project as possible to assure a seamless transition.  Typical control devices include remote control, wall switch, iPhone, iPad or other automation system.

Each window treatment needs power, as described above. This connection is guided by your communication through the various devices. Every window treatment has a motor control. Intelligent motors have embedded motor controls, while non-intelligent motors have motor controls located elsewhere. These controls are typically located in a central location of the home, office or project.

Proper planning of your window shading project with Hartley Window Coverings is essential to ensure your home is wired for the window treatments you intend to use. Contact us today for your complementary consultation!