Window Shades

The use of interior sun-control retractable window shades can make any room, office, or retail space a more comfortable environment by eliminating the sun’s heat and glare, while maintaining the reason for the placement of those windows: the views they provide you, your employees, or your guests to the outside world. The use of textile fabrics for interior window shades, with their many varied fabric types, patterns, and levels of translucence, allow you to use natural filtered light as an element of design.
Interior window blinds

Interior Screen Shades Effectively Manage Sunlight

Sun control fabrics filter and diffuse the damaging UV rays that cause interior furnishings, flooring and portraits to fade. Utilizing sun control fabrics to effectively reduce the energy consumption, thus reducing the amount of solar heat gain, and thereby lowering your energy costs. Using lighter color fabrics on the interior to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the amount of heat absorption from the sun’s hot rays is more energy efficient than using a darker color fabric, which creates heat absorption into the interior. However, lighter color fabrics, while more energy efficient than a darker fabric for interior use, also allow more glare and reflection than the darker-colored fabrics, which have no glare or reflection and provide a more enhanced view.

Interior Window Shades Over Bathtub

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Performance Fabrics for Window Shades

Textile fabricators have created various performance fabrics that allow a lighter color or aluminum finish to the exterior (facing outward) that defuses the light entering the room and eliminates the glare factor of lighter colored fabrics. These performance fabrics with the aluminum coating are also much more energy efficient than the traditional sun control fabrics. Darker fabrics provide an excellent view to the outside, and absorb light and heat entering the room. This reduces the glare and reflection created by the lighter non-performance fabrics, making them ideal for rooms where you use a computer or television. Roller window shades provide the ideal combination of sun control, visibility, solar protection, and heat reduction to meet any of your needs!

We are proud to be offering Color Lux Designer Cellular & Roller Shades from Comfortex, Color without Compromise! Whether you are coordinating window shades with paint, wallpaper or any other home decor item, you can now easily find the right color to express your style.


Roman Shades


Roman Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

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For window coverings where you want to block out the sun, Roman Shades that feature a blackout lining to block light are a great choice. When you’re ready to welcome the light, Roman Shades gather into neat, soft folds when opened. These Roman shades feature:

  • Unlimited exquisite fabrics: Sophisticated designs, textures, stripes, and solids in blends of cottons, linens, silks, and synthetics.
  • Distinctive shade styles: Batten Front, Batten Back, Hobble and Flat.
  • Ease of operation: Variety of proprietary operating systems.
  • Decorative tapes and trims: Beautiful selection to personalize your shades or valances.
  • Specialty shapes: Wide range of shapes to fit nearly any window.
  • Motorization (optional): Control shades from a hand-held remote, wireless wall switch, or mobile device.

Graber Roman Shades

Roman Shades in Kitchen

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Silhouette Shades

Hunter Douglas offers the most innovative sheers in the industry. Designed to soften the outside view and protect from ultraviolet light, these silhouette shades offer both elegance and functionality.

  • Reflect solar heat: Exterior sheer reflects the sun’s heat, often more vital than insulation.
  • Eliminate moiré effect: Patented anti-moiré fabric technology ensures a clearer outside view.
  • Wide selection: Variety of colors, fabrics, opacities and vane sizes are perfect for any décor.
  • Specialty shapes: Near limitless range of angles, arches, shapes, and sizes to fit uniquely shaped windows.
  • Child safety: Operating systems available that offer enhanced safety in homes with young children and pets.
  • Motorization (optional): Control shadings from a hand-held remote, wireless wall switch or your mobile device with the PlatinumTM App.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) protection: Up to 88% UV protection with vanes open, 99% when closed.
  • Preserves exterior views: No cords or tapes run through product to obstruct outside views.
  • Secure daytime privacy: Views to outside are clear. Views from street are obscured during the day.

Silhouette Window Shades by Hunter Douglas

Dual Shades

Dual shades give you the option of having a sheer or sun control window shade and a privacy or blackout shade in one single housing, which can be operated with either a remote control or a wireless wall switch. The Duo Shade is mounted on specially designed brackets so that both rolls have the appearance of just one shade.

  • Brackets are powder-coated steel and are available in standard colors: anodized, white, tan, and bronze.
  • Available with black out track and 7” fascia in standard colors: anodized, white, tan, and bronze.
  • Motorized units powered by Somfy, the premier motor in the industry. Motorization options include a wide range of Standard, Altus RTS, Sonesse RTS, Sonesse ILT or ILT motors.
  • A wide selection of standard roll off back fabrics.
  • Fabric seams are welded-not sewn, and are always horizontal on solar fabric.
  • Standard seam placement will be as high as possible or specific seam placement is available.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Somfy Radio Technology

Motorized Window Shades

We install motorized or remote control shades from manufacturers such as Qmotion and Mecho that offer the beauty, luxury, and quality of fabric shades with the ease and control of automation.

QMotion™ Motorized Shades

QMotion delivers a simple and sophisticated automated window shade that offers both ease of use and dependability. Choose from motorized shades in a wide range of colors and styles, with a bevy of options. All of QMotion’s automated roller shades can be controlled via remote, smart phone, or tablet, or with the manufacturer’s exclusive manual override feature, which does not strip the motor, unlike traditional roller shades.

The revolutionary innovation behind QMotion™ Shades offers industry-leading battery life and unbelievable quietness. Motorized shades offer luxury as well as safety in a product completely free of cords and wires. With a five-year warranty, you can rest assured that QMotion™ stands behind its powerful engineering. QMotion™ has completely revolutionized motorized shades with the use of four high-precision steel ball bearings that dramatically reduce the friction that exists when shades move. There is less resistance providing effortless motion and incredible battery life — up to 3 years! QMotion™ also provides a level of quietness never before found in a wireless motorized shade.

QMotion Blackout Shades in Bedroom

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QMotion Roller and Honeycombe Shades<br />
Motorized Drapery Rods

Benefits of QMotion™

QMotion™ motorized shades actually “learn” the height of your window in one step. The shade will automatically adjust and generate presets that you can select from the remote or you can set them manually. You can also preprogram the blinds to adjust at specific times to help reduce energy consumption as well as control light and privacy. Among the product’s other benefits, QMotion™:

  • requires no wires, special tools, or hard-to-find batteries
  • provides a clean, cord-free appearance

Personalized Logos for Window Shades

We can also help you get creative for your company, restaurant, or even for your child’s room with graphic window shades that reflect your business, your personality, or your sense of style. You can print personalized images directly onto a window shade, such as your business’s logo, your kid’s favorite sports team logo, or any other creative design you can imagine. These creative window shades can double as advertisements and graphic window coverings also add fun yet functional ideas for game rooms or patio-facing sun rooms. You can also motorize your graphic window shades to eliminate dangerous cords, providing your child with a safe and comfortable environment.
Polar Window Shades Customized  with Logos