Soft Draperies

Decorative window treatments create softness and warmth in a space, providing that finishing touch and allowing you to coordinate your windows with the rest of your room’s decor. Draperies can also be motorized to ease the operation of these elegant treatments.


  • Aesthetically pleasing when opened or closed
  • Graceful on any window
  • Customization options to compliment the space
  • Controls ambiance and flow of natural light
  • Limitless fabric choices, color options, and patterns
  • Reduce light gaps
  • Many modes of operation

Roman Shades

These shades have long been the choice of designers. For window coverings where you want to block out the sun, Roman Shades that feature a blackout lining to block light are a great choice. When you’re ready to welcome the light, Roman Shades gather into neat, soft folds when opened.

  • Sophisticated style, tailored for you
  • Hand crafted in the USA, our roman shades are meticulously hand-tailored and finished
  • Beautiful gather into neat, soft folds when opened
  • Pleated panels are carefully, evenly sized based on your shade height for a clean, proportional look
  • Feature blackout linings to block out the light
  • Distinctive styles
  • Specialty shapes
  • Ease of operation
  • Decorative tapes and trims
  • Motorization (optional): Control shades from a hand-held remote, wireless wall switch, or mobile device.

Woven Woods

These natural shades transform your space into a relaxing oasis with the natural colors and asymmetric textures of renewable materials like bamboo, reeds, grass, and jute. Distinctive, rustic materials are tightly woven to create an aesthetic that is both earthy and relaxing.

  • Lightweight, tightly woven materials offer a high level of light control for a natural shade
  • Edge banding adds a stylish statement and prevents stretching or fraying
  • Improve privacy and light control in your space with a privacy or room-darkening liner
  • Natural drapes are a great solution that uses the same renewable materials like bamboo, reeds, grass, and jutes in a slightly different style
  • The unique asymmetric patterning of natural materials is part of the natural shade’s appeal. All materials are hand-selected to comply with rigorous standards while honoring the material’s natural variations
  • Available in cord lift, continuous cord-loop, cordless, or motorized

Motorized Draperies

With the advent of motorized draperies and the option of motorized rods and tracks, the ease of an automated treatment is no longer limited to a window shade. Hartley Window Coverings offers motorized treatments in many forms to help you realize your design vision with draperies.