Skylight Covers

Nothing illuminates a room better than natural light. Skylights and clear-roofed sun rooms, pergolas, and conservatories offer a wonderful way to bring the outdoor world in, except when you don’t want it. At some points in the day you want to be able to prevent sunlight from streaming in, particularly when it is shining directly through your home’s skylight or the tempered glass ceiling over your sun room. Adding an exterior skylight cover or shade like the products made by STOBAG offers just the right touch of beauty in form while providing superior functionality and ease of use.

Stobag Airomatic Skylight Shades

Exterior sun protection for conservatories, glass roofs and skylights for horizontal, sloping or vertical surfaces. Suitable for medium sized areas. The self-supported top box is round at the top, aligned and supported by the side guides. The top box closes tightly when the awning is retracted. Permanent high cover tension with integrated gas-filled cylinder in the side guides. Easy mounting with fixing brackets for individual or series installations.Brand Skylight Shade #3

Units can be installed vertically or horizontally, inverted, and be operated for bottom up installations.

To support the fabric, installations with a projection of more than 9’9’’ are equipped with one, and installations with a projection of more than 16’4’’ with two guiding roller tube kits.

Standard drive with motor.

Cover made with acrylic or coated fabrics.

Ventosol Motorized Tensioned Zipper System

STOBAG_Rubrik_ReflectSTOBAG’s Ventosol products incorporate gas piston technology as in the Airomatic, with the proven technology associate with zipper systems. This is a very robust and vestal system that can be adapted to multiple applications, including skylights. The system’s tensioned fabric is ideal for strong wind conditions, particularly in vertical applications. This system has been wind tunnel tested to speeds of 100 kilometers per hour, greatly exceeding the capabilities of other systems.

The Ventosol system can also be employed horizontally, to cover skylight openings and other areas where light blockage is desired. The zipper tracks eliminate light gaps making the system ideal for blackout applications. The overall size of the horizontal applications is reduced and a 20-degree slope is required for exterior applications.

TARGA Exterior Glass Skylight Covers

Skylight ShadesThe TARGA models from STOBAG are attractive, durable shade solutions for larger, complex glass roofing, skylights, and substructures. The exterior awning protects against the sun and heat and generates a pleasant indoor climate – with excellent visual characteristics in fabrics, patterns, and styles.

These STOBAG products use a patented “Plus technology” with telescopic guide rails that make it possible to extend the cover up to a maximum of 55 inches over a conservatory roof, for example. The guide rails can be moved inward as well, allowing you to shade even specially shaped or inclined conservatories, or side window panels of an angled sun room. Even if the area you want to install a skylight shade or cover has a small roof inclination, the TARGA models use a patented, filled cylinder mechanism that ensures the right amount of tension for the shade. 

A standard electric drive makes it very convenient to operate. These models can also be equipped with various control systems.