Exterior Window Coverings

With so many benefits and options, exterior window treatments are no longer a luxury item, but an essential addition to the design of your home. What has made exterior window coverings a sought-after element for residential and commercial properties are the many kinds of treatments now available, such as:

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Benefits to Exterior Window Treatments

Exterior window treatments have obvious benefits, such as blocking the heat and cold before it enters your home or place of business. They also offer:

  • Protection of your carpeting, flooring, and furniture in the same way that an interior shade protects them from fading or UV damage
  • The advantage over indoor window treatments because there’s no loss of interior wall space
  • Exposure and visibility to a home’s interior window design, frame, and moldings
  • Unimpeded views out every window that also allows full sunlight to stream through when desired
  • Security of your home and protection from the elements, including high winds and driving rain

All exterior window products are available with a manual operation or upgrade to motorization and even full automation if you prefer that level of control. At Hartley Window Coverings, we are shade brokers, so we can offer you many options while assisting you in choosing the best application for your home, business, or retreat. We will consult with you on selection of the best fabrics, colors, and treatments to ensure your complete satisfaction.
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