Installation Services


Hartley Installations is a division of Hartley Window Coverings and has been in business since 1998, installing window treatments for designers, architects, general contractors, and retail stores throughout Northern California. We specialize in installation services, repairs and consultation. We will create a solution for any challenging application using our comprehensive industry knowledge and experience.

For further information; please contact our office for pricing or to schedule your installation.

Consultation, Estimating and Project ManagementIMG_8517

  • Troubleshoot, plan and manage your project from start to finish
  • Advise on functionality
  • Proper wiring and clearances
  • Integrating new products into existing applications
  • Advise on proper motors
  • Liaison between trade professional (contractors, electricians, integrators), designers and principles
  • Provide accurate and timely quotes and proposals

Architectural Application

Architectural Drawing for Skylight CoverHartley Window Coverings provides unique architectural treatments for special applications including:

  • Angular Windows
  • Oversize Applications
  • Solutions for narrow space
  • Commercial grade interior and exterior treatments
  • Geometric Shapes

Additionally, Hartley Window Coverings provides C.A.D. documents on specified products and will produce custom C.A.D. drawings for submittal if requested.