Skylight Shades

Skylight ShadesHartley Window Coverings offers a full line of high-quality, creative skylight shade solutions with a wide range of finishes and a near limitless range of designs and shapes to fit any size skylight or roof window. Our sales and installation expertise allows us to provide our clients with:

  • customized versatility for commercial and residential skylight projects
  • designs suited to consumers, designers, contractors, and home builders
  • top-quality, innovative skylight cover technology
  • wide-ranging selection and reliable long-life performance
  • competitive prices

Revolutionary Skylight Covers

When it comes to options for the skylights in your home or office space, we work with top-of-the-line skylight shade manufacturers like Draper, Mecho, and Hunter Douglas. These products allow us to provide you with the most current technological advances in skylight shades. When you contact us to install skylight covers, ask us about which of these additional features you may want to consider for your shade:Skylight Covers

  • Choice of manual, HD PoweRise 2.1 system, or hardwired operation
  • Choice of soft-fold or flat (FTS-style and Spring Tension) fabric:
    • An FTS or Fabric Tension System uses a dual motor that allows the fabric band to appear more flat and straight than a spring-tension system, when in the closed position.
    • A Spring Tension Motorized Skylight System: a heavy duty mounted spring that allows fabric to flatten and straighten when closed.

Deciding between an FTS or spring tension system for a skylight cover is largely a matter of features. Please see more details on these two types of tension systems for skylights later on this page when you are considering purchase of a skylight shade.

Draper Skylight 2 FlexShade

We recommend the Skylight 2 FlexShade from Draper for commercial spaces where a very large skylight shade is more often needed, but this product is great for any large, expansive skylight opening. The Skylight 2 is a simple and elegant motorized shade that has been engineered to be durable and reliable. This skylight cover is available in a wide range of fabrics and uses a motor and draw cable to provide fabric tension. The Skylight 2 FlexShade is also aptly named for its flexible installation customizations for skylights with the following orientations:

  • incline-up or incline-down
  • vertical-up or vertical-down
  • horizontal

Spring Tensioned Skylight Shades

Hunter Douglas Skylift

Hunter Douglas Skylift Skylight BlindsThe Hunter Douglas Duette® with SkyLift™ is perfect for skylight applications and covers up to 80 square feet of window space. Another great product for large skylights and roof windows, the SkyLift offers the following features:

  • Manual or PowerRise® 2.1 operation
  • Duette fabrics, including Architella®, available in 3/8-inch semi-opaque and all 3/4-inch sizes for increased energy efficiency
  • Three available hardware colors: Aspen White, Gardenia White, and Bronze
  • Manual operation SkyLift that offers a hand crank or telescoping pole for hard-to-reach windows
  • PowerRise® operation SkyLift with Platinum™ Technology that provides ultimate shade control
  • Compatibility with the Platinum App and Platinum accessories

Aluminum and Wood Louver System

louver2This skylight sun control system from Somfy has a non-retractable louver system and can be mounted on any degree-of-angle skylight or unusually shaped window or curved roof window. The tilt angle is zero to ninety degrees from fully opened to closed and is designed for maximum efficiency. Additional features include:

  • Operation
: a manual crank operator with detachable crank hook and handle
    • Shades can operate individually and/or in groups
  • Motor control options: offers LV switches, radio & IR remote, sun sensor, home automation, and audio visual interface
    • Motorized Somfy tubular motor
  • Rack Arm: includes aluminum bar fitted with pivots to which the louvers are attached
  • Various slat sizes: various sizes available with optional materials and finishes

Features of a Fabric Tension Dual Motor System

  • Fabric Tension Dual Motor System (FTS) Motorizing skylight and angle openings with an FTS allows complete control, using solar shading or blackout fabrics.
  • Fabric tension systems hardware consists of dual motorized tubes, fabric secured between 2 tubes with cable or industrial webbing.
  • Standard FTS Systems have fabric rolling off the top of the tube (closest to the window) with the motors R/R. Motor speed is 20 RPM.
  • The controller operates each motor independently to maintain the dynamic (moving) tension. The final (static) tension is then set to eliminate sagging when the fabric is fully closed.

tech-shades-bottomUpFeatures of a Spring Tension Motorized Skylight System

  • Spring Tension Motorized Skylight System Dual Tube application using heavy duty spring mounted take up tube and motorized fabric tube.
  • Bottom Up Motorized System Dual tube application using heavy duty spring tube and motorized tube. Take up tube can be mounted at bottom with fabric tube or at top of opening.
  • Single tube designs use tension springs within the load bar with pulley and guiding cable to take up reels on motor tube.
  • Angle Bottom Up Motorized Special triangle and trapezoid systems are available. Contact Hartley Motorization Inc., Shading for technical support.
  • Manual Cord Pulley Spring Tension Used for small opening applications. A crank handle is optional.
  • Stationary Screen Frames Set into 1” aluminum angle framing systems for suspended applications.
  • Fabric can be Flat (FTS style and Spring Tension) or Soft Fold.

See examples of skylight shades on our Gallery page.