Security Shutters

Rolling security shutters are an excellent choice for exterior window coverings of homes or businesses where the climate experiences sustained and sometimes high winds during a typical year, such as in Northern California’s coastal areas. This is because most rolling shutters are tested to resist winds of up to 150 mph. Wind resistance is not the only benefit to installing rolling shutters.

  • Add light control, noise reduction, and comfort to your home.
  • The ability, when closed for the shutters to create a physical barrier from high winds and intruders.
  • provide an added layer of security to a home or business
  • reduce noise and increase insulation
  • protect furniture fabrics from damage and fading due to harmful UV rays
  • operate easily with simple controls in a product that is also reliable (in the event of a power failure most rolling shutters can be manually operated)

Sound Insulating

Rolling shutters offer an additional sound barrier to a home or business that helps to cut down noise due to factors such as:

  • busy streets
  • airports
  • highways
  • loud neighbors

Energy Savings

Rolling shutters can have a significant impact on energy conservation, while allowing you to manage daylight to improve visual and thermal comfort. Rolling shutters are an adaptable shading solution because they improve energy efficiency in every climate. In a hot climate, the rolling shutter shields your home from solar heat, reducing the need for artificial cooling. In a cold climate, retract the shutter and use sunlight for natural heat. At night, rolling shutters can be lowered to avoid heat escaping your home or office.

Solar Shading

Natural daylight and maintaining a visual connection to the outside has a positive impact on our emotional state. Lower your shades to a comfortable position to avoid glare while having natural daylight stream in your home. This reduces the need for artificial light in the daytime and keeps you connected to the world outside your windows.

Thermal Comfort

Often thermal conditions in a room are associated with room temperature. For example, if an office space is overheated, it can have a negative impact on well being and productivity. Rolling shutters help maintain an even and comfortable room temperature for everyone in the office.

Rolling Shutters Make an Excellent TV Shield

Custom Roll-A-Shield Rolling Shutters Protecting TV

Custom Roll-A-Shield Rolling Shutters Protecting TV

More and more homeowners are locating their televisions outside to enhance their options when entertaining. Businesses also place TVs outside to make it possible to show videos or movies to customers. As fun as this can be, outdoor TV’s are vulnerable to damage from weather, theft and vandalism. An excellent solution is to find or build an outdoor TV enclosure, paired with rolling shutters. Here is an example of the custom Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters we offer to provide maximum protection for your outdoor television.


Installing automated or motorized rolling shutters gives our clients the convenience of operating the shutters at the touch of a button via a remote control or a regular switch. There are three different styles of switches: the momentary switch, which is recommended for supervised operation to raise or lift rolling shutters; and the maintained switch, when no supervision is necessary — just click and walk away.
  •  Pre-sets configured with Somfy’s Chronis RTS timer that let you automatically open and close your rolling shutters based on specific times of day or night, or randomly to give the impression of an occupied home.
  • Push button control with a Somfy RTS hand-held transmitter or Decora RTS wall switch that will deploy your shutters in seconds.

We can install these rolling shutters to operate in one of two ways:

  • Motorized Operator plus Crank Handle: to automatically operate your shutter or, in case of power loss, with a Crank Handle.
  • Manual Operation: for smaller, lightweight shutters that can be operated easily by hand. These rolling shutters come in pull strap, strap crank, gear, or push/pull system plus locks and manual security systems.


Protect Windows From Golf Ball Damage

Do you live in a golf community? Watch this video to see how exterior shades can protect your windows from damage.

Additional Features of Rolling Shutters

  • Colors: Our manufactures offer roll-formed, foam-filled slats in a wide variety of slat colors that match nearly any surface. Complete shutter systems are available in five standard colors.
  • Motorized rolling security shutters protect you and your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Rolling window security shutters can be configured to lower via remote control, wall switch, or automatically via a timer.

Commercial Rolling Shutters and Security Shutters

If you want to keep your business secured, consider installing efficient window security shutters. Rollac’s extremely tough security shutters are made of impact-resistant aluminum profiles to protect your company against break-in, vandalism, and damage caused by bad weather. Commercial rolling shutters are made with heavy-duty precision construction and offer the following features:

  • secure chain drive
  • automatic locking at any height
  • lightning and hail-proof
  • low build-in depth
  • easy to install in front of windows and doors in new build properties or during renovation
  • protection class-tested in accordance with ENV 1627-1630
  • different widths of lamella and stable connection rods in the aluminum create a very resistant unit
  • operation by hand crank or electric motor

Install rolling shutters and gain peace of mind when you are away from your business that these protective shutters are adding an extra layer of security.