Solar Shades

Solar Shades: How To Choose Between Light and Dark Fabrics

Some Things You Should Know First We have found in our years of experience a very common question that is raised—when to use a light fabric versus a dark fabric when choosing solar shades. In some cases we have found that the fabric desired and chosen had the reverse effect once installed, leaving the consumer… Read More

Clever Ways to Define an Outdoor Room Using Exterior Shades

  An outdoor living room is the perfect way to extend your space and get the most use out of your yard year round. Exterior shades allow you to easily partition your space to create a homey feel in the exterior living room and make the space distinct from other zones in your yard. Gain… Read More

Tips for Choosing Exterior Shades

Exterior shades keep too much sun from entering your home, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and muting the natural light to keep it from becoming too dazzling. These benefits offer you a more comfortable interior while helping you save money on energy costs. When you want to install exterior window shades, consider these tips for… Read More

Exterior Window Covering Options

With so many benefits and options, exterior window treatments are no longer a luxury item, but an essential addition to the design of your home. What has made exterior window coverings a sought-after element for residential and commercial properties are the many kinds of treatments now available, such as: Exterior shades Awnings Rolling security shutters… Read More

Shopping for New Window Shades?
Consider Installing Exterior Shades

  Think of exterior shades as you would the high-end sunglasses you wear when out and about. You wouldn’t take a trip to the beach without them because they provide comfort and protection against the sun’s glare. When you install exterior shades on your home’s windows, they provide functionality similar to what those “designer shades”… Read More