Motorized Window Shades & Blinds

Introducing Motorization to Your Home

  Making the decision to change the look and feel of your windows is a great one as these areas of a room can certainly affect the overall energy upon entering the space. As you consider your design goals, you may find that you would like to infuse a bit of new convenience into your… Read More

Motorization for Window Treatments in Homes

  Hartley Window Coverings is your one stop shop for all your high-quality window treatment needs for homeowners near Santa Rosa, CA. We are proud of the products we carry, and we are excited to share them with you. The newest and most exciting innovation in window treatments right now is motorization. There are a… Read More

Benefits of Motorized Window Coverings on Your Home Security

  Often overlooked and underutilized, motorized window coverings could be an excellent addition to your Northern California home. They provide outstanding security benefits and other features you’ll want to take full advantage of. Consider everything motorized window coverings have to offer. How Motorized Blinds and Shutters Improve Home Security Burglars are known to scout out… Read More

Protect Your Home and Business with Rolling Shutters

  Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner or both, you need to protect your belongings from theft and damage. In many cases, simple door and window locks just aren’t enough to keep your buildings safe. Fortunately, you can increase the security of your home or office building by adding rolling security shutters to… Read More

Enhance Your Decor With Elegant Drapes and Roman Shades

  Did you know that most people overlook the importance of interior window treatments such as drapes and shades when they’re decorating a new room? It’s true. Most homeowners will pay careful attention to the furniture they choose and the colors on the walls, but window treatments often go overlooked. That’s a shame, because the… Read More

Tips for Choosing Exterior Shades

Exterior shades keep too much sun from entering your home, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and muting the natural light to keep it from becoming too dazzling. These benefits offer you a more comfortable interior while helping you save money on energy costs. When you want to install exterior window shades, consider these tips for… Read More

Add Warmth to Any Room With Drapery Window Treatments

It All Starts With Elegant Fabrics and Attention to Detail Fabric window treatments make a style statement that is both sophisticated and uniquely personal. The soft, high quality fabric that adds refinement and warmth to any room, whether formal or casual. Welcome family and friends with the timeless beauty of fabric and grace your home with… Read More

Shopping for New Window Shades?
Consider Installing Exterior Shades

  Think of exterior shades as you would the high-end sunglasses you wear when out and about. You wouldn’t take a trip to the beach without them because they provide comfort and protection against the sun’s glare. When you install exterior shades on your home’s windows, they provide functionality similar to what those “designer shades”… Read More